In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.

~John Muir

January 2020 - We are taking the month off 

Colchester Land Trust recognizes that the holiday season takes some wind out of many people's sails. Also, the weather is prone to be unpredictable. So ... watch basketball, football, or the Hallmark Channel per your preferences.

Happy Holidays!



2020 Events & Hikes:

The CLT Outreach Committee has put their heads together to create an expanded schedule of ‚Äčinteresting events, presentations, and outdoor excursions for 2020. Unfortunately, our heads are chock full of good ideas, but we have reduced our great ideas to a workable number. The hope is to inform more people about our role and mission and to inform even more of the public of the values of conserved land. We look forward to seeing you many times in 2020!

Past Outings:

Over the past several years, CLT hikes have promoted the beauty and diversity of Colchester's natural resources: parks, trails, farms, ponds, swamps, even cemeteries! We have an abundance of interesting sites in our small town. Hundreds of folks have taken advantage of CLT's monthly Discover Colchester Hikes to get acquainted with this natural bounty. Often, participants expressed that they had no idea there were such wonderful resources so close to home. From casual hikes along the Airline Trail to informative walks with local and regional experts, these hikes highlight the importance of our natural surroundings. We've learned to appreciate the symbiotic relationship of people and wildlife. Flora and fauna that may go unnoticed have a real effect on our well-being. Micro-organisms living underfoot and all around us are important to the maintenance of the entire ecosystem. In a real sense, we all are one.


Locally, the participants in your land trust make a difference to this small area of the world. In the aggregate, land trusts and like-minded organizations and people provide a buffer against over-development, pollution, exploitation, and other depredations of the natural world. Land trusts embody the aphorism, "Think globally, act locally." We encourage you to think globally and to act locally, by supporting or joining your land trust. At the very least, take a couple of hours some Sunday afternoon to join us on a hike! 


Remember, the Colchester Land Trust is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization that works to permanently protect open space in Colchester. Protecting land takes time and requires funding. Protecting open space is more important than ever, as the world changes around us.

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