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"I dream of the vast deserts, the forests, and all of the wilderness of our 
continent, wild places that we should protect as precious heritage for our 
children and for our children's children" --Nelson Mandella

Cato Corner Farm Outing
Bulkeley Hill Preserve
Boundary Marking
Tangletree Farm

As of 9.5.2023 - This multi-year campaign has started off at a DASH!


There has already been $20,000 in donations given, matched with another $20,000 in funds!
We are so appreciative and grateful for the generosity of our community.

"By contributing to the CLT’s Endowment Fund,
you and I can also provide a means for the CLT to carry
on its work well beyond our own lifetimes."
- Leslie Curtis, Founding Member of the Board of Directors


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CLT has received funding for stewardship, including management plans for three properties: Bulkeley Hill Preserve, Gateway, and Macdonald Road. Our main focus will be on BHP and it will include invasive species control, habitat improvements, tree regeneration, planting of native vegetation around the parking lot, and trail maintenance. These projects will be accomplished through mostly volunteer labor and with funds provided by the Natural Resources Conservation Service. Watch for opportunities to help your Land Trust with these projects. We will post work events on social media and through targeted emails.

Have you noticed the "Right to Farm Community" signage and online and printed directory of Colchester's local farms and agri-businesses?  Learn more about these projects.

We are an all-volunteer community land trust dedicated to maintaining Colchester's rural character and high quality of life for all citizens, now and in the future. Thanks to growing community support, we've been able to influence the preservation of more than 700 acres since forming in 2002.  We are working hard to keep Colchester clean, green and beautiful in the spirit of "think globally, act locally"! We are sincerely grateful for the Colchester community's support in this important effort.


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Colchester Land Trust
P. O. Box 93
Colchester, CT 06415
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