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The outdoors is a healthy place. CLT's mission is to keep it that way. The ongoing emergency of the pandemic has thrown all of our lives into a certain amount of upheaval. It will pass. Note in our hikes and events pages that certain changes have been made and others are in flux due to the current situation. Rest assured, we will do our best to stay as close to our schedule as possible. Please remember that your participation in Colchester Land Trust is very important. Your involvement in our community is meaningful. The Land Trust is a Community Partnership between us and all of you. Your health is most important, so maintain social distance, but get outside for some fresh air and exercise. Wave to passing cars and yell out a hearty "hello" to your neighbors.  Remember, we are all in this together.


In 2016, your Colchester Land Trust purchased the second, larger portion of property on Bulkeley Hill Road.  The entire 130-acre parcel is now known as the Bulkeley Hill Preserve.

As of July 17, 2019 we are about to install a parking lot!  The early stage clearing has been done by CLT volunteers, to save contractor costs, saving your contributed dollars.  If you should drive by you will notice a "hole" in the woods.  Our contractor is installing a culvert to accommodate an intermittent waterway that erupts each springtime, a gravel driveway, and parking for eight cars. There is a new path going to the already blazed Red Trail that loops through the woods.  The new loop is blazed white and provides an easy walk through this beautiful forest. Drop by sometime to enjoy the trails and inspect our progress.  Of course, when the contractor is working, please refrain from getting in the way.  Safety First! 

Watch our early progress !

(no need to join, just scroll to see the "Play"button)

In 2019, we embarked on an initiative, in partnership with Colchester's Agricultural Commission, to foster an appreciation of Colchester's farming community and celebrate our town's farming heritage through "Right to Farm Community" signage.  We are also actively collaborating with several other groups to produce both an online and printed directory of Colchester's local farms and agri-businesses.  Learn more about these projects.

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We are an all-volunteer community land trust dedicated to maintaining Colchester's rural character and high quality of life for all citizens, now and in the future. Thanks to growing community support, we've been able to influence the preservation of more than 700 acres since forming in 2002.  We are working hard to keep Colchester clean, green and beautiful in the spirit of "think globally, act locally"! We are sincerely grateful for the Colchester community's support in this important effort.



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