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A little help goes a long way.

Colchester Land Trust is an all-volunteer organization committed to preserving the natural beauty of Colchester for future generations.


Our goal is to maintain our rural character, and protect the land, water, and air quality in Colchester, Connecticut.


From trail maintenance to stuffing envelopes, there are so many ways for anyone to volunteer. Everything from an hour to a longer commitment. 


We welcome you!

Become a Member


Join our community today, and your membership contribution becomes a vital source of support for our ongoing operations. Affordable Individual, Family ,and Business memberships are available. 



Find your place in contributing to our natural heritage, whether your interests lie in outdoor activities, committees, or administrative tasks.


From monthly hikes to annual road races and trail cleanups, committees, events, and mailings, we have ongoing needs for volunteers.


Your involvement makes a real impact on our day-to-day operations and special events. Get in touch with us to ask how you can actively participate and make a difference in preserving Colchester's natural spaces.


Email us about volunteering opportunities.

Connect on Social Media


Stay in the loop with Colchester Land Trust by following us on Facebook.  Stay informed about volunteer opportunities, events, and initiatives shaping our community's conservation efforts. Your engagement helps amplify our message and build a stronger, more connected local community.

Sign Up for Emails


Sign up for our email list and stay informed about volunteer opportunities, events, and initiatives shaping our community's conservation efforts through monthly newsletters and occasional announcements.  

Attend Our Meetings


Are you passionate about land use issues in town? Interested in the behind-the-scenes work we do? Attend our monthly meetings on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm. Typically held at Colchester Town Hall, these meetings are open to the public, providing you with the opportunity to stay informed and contribute to the discussions shaping Colchester's future. See our calendar here. 

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