CLT Scholarship - 2020

For several years your Land Trust has given a deserving Bacon Academy graduating Senior a $1,000 scholarship. It is our small effort to encourage young people to pursue environmentally friendly careers. The 2020 Colchester Land Trust scholarship will be presented to a Bacon Academy graduating senior who has expressed an interest in pursuing a bachelor’s degree or higher level of education in a field of science related to preservation of undeveloped land, natural resources or biological species. The recipient will have demonstrated that interest through excellent academic performance and service to the community while attending Bacon Academy. The applicant must be a senior level Bacon Academy student, have applied to college in an applicable field, and must intend to major in a field such as environmental science, earth science, ecology or a related discipline.


Towards the end of February or early March, all Seniors receive a booklet from the Guidance Department with all of the scholarships that are locally available to them. The booklet lists the names of the scholarships, the criteria, and the due dates.


Looking forward, Over the next few months the counselors will be meeting with their Juniors to discuss Post-Secondary planning. During that time, the counselors usually will share with them scholarships that might be available to them if they meet the criteria of the scholarship. 

If you know of a Bacon Academy student (a Senior for this year's scholarship or a Junior who will be eligible next year), make sure that they know of this opportunity to help defray the cost of their education.

Re-accreditation Application Completed

On November 14, we submitted our completed application for Land Trust Alliance accreditation! After many months of gathering, editing, answering, and communicating, your land trust is poised to receive its first re-accreditation.  We were first accredited in 2015 and have been following the practices and guidelines that were set for us. Accreditation by the national organization must be renewed every five years. Accreditation publicly recognizes a land trust for meeting national standards for excellence, upholding the public trust and ensuring that its conservation efforts are permanent.  Colchester Land Trust is proud to be accredited and understands that re-accreditation will continue to assure that our Land Trust is a strong, effective organization that can be counted upon to invest funds provided by our community wisely and has the capacity to ensure the permanency of conserved lands. Challenges related to the application process included the assembling of all records and history, by a small all-volunteer organization, to adequately address the required questions and documentation; and coordination of time and personnel to adhere to a schedule for completion of the entire application. We expect that there may be some questions regarding our application from the independent Land Trust Accreditation Commission, but are confident our application will be approved sometime early next year.

Local Signage Sprouting UP

December 2018 - Those of you who frequent Colchester's local farm stands may have noticed some new "Right to Farm" signs this season and may be wondering what they are all about.  These are part of a new campaign on the part of the Colchester Land Trust, in partnership with the Colchester Agricultural Commission, to draw attention to the importance of Colchester's farming community by announcing our town's "right to farm" status.  The signs are designed to let people know that Colchester is a community with a rich agricultural heritage and that the town stands behind its farmers and welcomes those who make their living in agriculture. For more, see the Right to Farm page.

Land Trusts: the Big Picture

November 2018 - The government recently released its FOURTH NATIONAL CLIMATE ASSESSMENT. Here is the summary of the section on Ecosystems and Ecosystem Services:

"Ecosystems and the benefits they provide to society are being altered by climate change, and these impacts are projected to continue. Without substantial and sustained reductions in global greenhouse gas emissions, transformative impacts on some ecosystems will occur; some coral reef and sea ice ecosystems are already experiencing such transformational changes." 

Our experience at the Land Trust Alliance Rally conference in October gave us other insights into the national perspective, the many facets of conservation, ecology, diversity, and public support. It showed us that we are a small part of a much larger effort, but that each small part makes a difference. CLT's land conservation efforts protect just the ecosystems that might otherwise be transformed, by climate change or direct human interference: i.e., development. This national climate assessment further underscores the significance of our work. Working locally matters, because many small efforts add up to measurable improvement. But, we must remember that lack of effort leads to degradation.

CLT is proud its work, but you should be proud, because it is your work: your engagement, your contributions and your support for your land trust that makes it happen. Thank you!


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